Our Artisans


Beyond the bustling souks and city markets of Morocco and into the countryside, we met Moroccan artisans. We learned about their work methods, the sources of their inspiration, and their stories. They work communally and often draw inspiration from nature. Time intensive efforts go into each artisanal piece. They pride themselves on the ability to create complex and harmonious designs using intricate patterns and vibrant colors. 

Home Decor:

In some rural areas of Morocco, you see traces of the Moroccan weaving process in almost every home. Witnessing the making process of natural dyeing, and beautiful pieces of art coming off of the loom. From start to finish, it is almost like being in a meditative space. 

You leave these villages with the impression that weaving is such a central part of life for women. 

Woman owns a big part of this industry. These women work hard, create beautiful pieces, and have full artistic control over the rugs. But since they live in rural areas, they don't have control over the selling process. As a result, they don't get compensated fairly for their work.

Our first goal was to establish direct relationships with women weaver in rural areas and give them a fair wage for their craft, empowering these women to own the process of their crafts from start to finish.


All of our jewelry is beautifully handmade in Morocco and produced in small quantities. Silver, wood, and metal are popular materials used amongst artisans. We vet and partner with top artisans located in the south of Morocco who have been crafting for more than 20 years and who commit to exceptional craftsmanship. 

Our Artisan partners take great pride in their work and can craft beautifully designed pieces. From patterns of highly detailed etchings and prominent shapes to hand-etched minimalist designs.

They can create elegant and powerful accents to any outfit.

Nowadays, artisans who hold such making techniques and sustainable processes are rare to find. We are committed to sharing the work of art of these artisans and promoting their skilled craft.

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